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Beers delivered to your door. Availability 22nd June 2020

Get in touch (01543 473965) if you’d like any of the following beers delivered safely to your door!

Mini Kegs  (Cask Conditioned beer!)

Quartz Crystal 4.2% abv slight roast 5 Litre £18 (inc vat)

Bottled Beer

Quartz Blonde 3.8% abv (12 X 500ml) (SOLD OUT)

Quartz Crystal 4.2% abv (12 X 500ml) slight roast  £24 (inc vat)

Quartz Extra Blonde 4.4% abv (12 X 500ml) full and fruity  £24 (inc vat)

Quartz Heart 4.6% abv (12 x 500ml) (SOLD OUT)

Quartz Cracker 5% abv (12 X 500ml) a dark, ruby red roasted beer £24 (inc vat) (Only a few cases left)

Quartz Inaugural at 4.4% abv (24 X 330ml) A craft LAGER £35 (inc vat)



Coronavirus Update 24/3/2020

Following on from yesterday's lock-down announcement, as a family run business we are no longer going to be open at the brewery for you to come along and pick up what you need beer wise, but we are still offering a delivery service. Just give us a call or drop us an email, we will take payment over the phone and then deliver to your doorstep-all without any physical contact!

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